Trash Art

Trash and Art

We put in trash 251 million tons of garbage per year only  in US.

Artists are interested to trash for social reasons.

Marcel Duchamp, Robert Rauschenberg, Vik Munz, Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, Joseph Cornell and Joseph Beuys are who interested to the trash.

I think we can transform the trash objects to beauty and render them useful.  We can alos Reuse trash and  old materials to make them a second life.

Trash art  is the realization that we as a society do create many amount of waste, but we can also do something about it.

The trash art works can reflect the consumerism and excess around us and that can change the world aorun us and make us concient.

The works of trash art could  reflect the consumerism and excess all around us and make us thinking about all the plastic floating in all the seas.

We can give messages and ask people  and  encourage them to many ideas for reducing our impact on the environment. We can put this work of trash art in a bottle  and send it like a “Message in the bottle”. 

 I think the call to action is urgent for the world.

I choose thos works of art because they are representativ.